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Oneness University

Oneness University

A Sacred School for Spiritual Enlightenment

According to the records available, all the men who had the experience of Awakening through the whole course of history do not number more than the men of talent and genius in all other branches of knowledge and art; but they created the revolutions in thought which continue to affect the world to this day. Unfortunately, reading their narratives of wondrous mystical experiences of union with the universe or God, though intellectually and emotionally stimulating, has not succeeded in replicating their experience in the seeker. It did not provide a new foundation for his/her life, the way the experience probably did for the person who had the actual experience.

With lack of first hand spiritual and mystical experiences, we as people have forgotten our inner world and have become almost totally lost in and pre-occupied with the external, material world. We now live in a world whose values have become contra-spiritual, fraught with anger and violence, exhaustion and disillusionment.

As we approach 2012, we are in for a transition. Increased reports of spontaneous awakening experiences across the globe suggest that the time for a golden age of planetary evolution and transcendence is near at hand if only we would work collectively.

The mission of the Avatars Sri Amma Bhagavan is to bring about and sustain this great change and transition in human consciousness. They are the inspiration, power and the wisdom behind the Oneness University founded to create 70,000 individuals who would live in a natural state of Awakening and God Realization. They would collectively work to bring about an alteration in human consciousness. The shift will only result when many individuals would awaken to themselves, to others, to the world and to God. And the critical mass required for this transition is 70,000.

The University does not propagate any particular belief, dogma, religion, faith or teaching. The underlying concept behind every one of its activities is the thought of Sri Amma Bhagavan who say, “Truth however profound, when it is not yours still remains untruth.” Accordingly the university aims to put every individual in touch with the truth of his faith via the medium of a personal experience.

All the courses here are towards this end. When we speak of God, we mean coming face to face with God. When we speak of relationships we do not talk of having love or the lack of it, but are interested in discovering love. When we speak of knowledge it is not speculative or metaphysical but direct insights that alter consciousness.

The university is the vortex of the movement in consciousness towards oneness.


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