Oneness Abundance Festival


APRIL 21st – 27th, 2024


Come be a part of the Oneness Abundance Festival, envisioned by enlightened sages Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji, where you will transform into a conscious creator of wealth.
This week-long festival serves as your portal to accessing the boundless potential of the universe, awakening a wealth consciousness that enriches everyone.

Embark on a dynamic journey of insights, mystical processes, and meditations created to unlock your wealth consciousness. Discover how to identify and redirect the flow of abundance in your life, dissolve karmic barriers, and synchronize with every aspect of prosperity.


Throughout this vibrant festival, you’ll gain powerful insights into wealth creation directly from Sri Krishnaji. The interactive mystical processes you’ll engage in will dissolve karmic barriers and unlock a stream of prosperity. Guided meditations will activate targeted prosperity energy centers, allowing abundance to flow into every aspect of your life.


Participants Share Their Journey

Here are the stories of individuals who have witnessed miraculous transformations in their wealth consciousness. Discover how the Oneness Abundance Festival has paved the way for new opportunities and prosperity in their lives.

“Attending the Abundance Festival was enlightening. I’ve learned to foster a sense of abundance that goes beyond financials—it’s about rich experiences and impactful service. Our non-profit has flourished, creating more impactful community programs. It’s truly inspiring.”
Elena, Non-Profit Founder, USA

“The festival’s focus on interconnectedness has deeply influenced my art. I’ve found a profound sense of community and creativity, and my work now reflects the vibrant spirit of abundance that resonates with my cultural heritage. It’s a celebration of life in every piece I create.”
CARLOS, artist from Mexico

“The principles of abundance and unity have transformed my approach to corporate training. We’ve cultivated a work environment where growth and success are achieved through collaboration and collective well-being. It’s not just our profits that have increased, but our job satisfaction too.”
Anika James, Corporate Trainer, Germany

“Joining the festival, I discovered a universal abundance that harmonizes with my Zen practices. It’s deepened my understanding of nature’s cycles and human connections. My gardens are not just landscapes now; they’re tapestries of life’s interconnected abundance.”
Hiroshi, Zen Gardener, Japan

“The Abundance Festival was a revelation. It’s broadened my perspective, infusing our community projects with new vigor. We’re creating spaces that thrive on mutual support and respect, fostering a sense of shared prosperity that uplifts our entire community.”
Aishah, Community Organizer, Malaysia

A Mystic Festival for Everyone

Whether you’re pursuing growth, overcoming obstacles, or focused on contributing to the prosperity of others, the Oneness Abundance Festival welcomes everyone. It offers a remarkable chance for individuals and families, including parents with teenage children, to cultivate a wealth consciousness from an early age.

Unlock the Secrets of Wealth Consciousness

As you immerse in the art of wealth creation through daily sessions, you break free from negative downward cycles and increase the flow of upward energy for sustained abundance. You participate in impactful meditations, connect with universal energies, and receive blessings for prosperity.

You plug into wealth consciousness through the enlightened consciousness of Sri Krishnaji. As you release negative karma and dissipate negative forces from past lives you will embrace a positive energy flow.


Are you ready to revolutionize your relationship with wealth? Enroll today for the Oneness Abundance Festival and embark on a journey that guarantees your personal prosperity and the well-being of all.