Tap into The Beautiful State Within

The Power of the Beautiful State is a two-day journey into the power of consciousness. This course serves a road map to guide you from the unconscious mind, to increased awareness, and to higher states of consciousness. This lands you in a beautiful state of living in harmony with yourself, others, and the world. 

At the heart of this workshop is the recognition that a beautiful state of being is not only a possibility but is our very nature. Through a series of enlightening sessions, neuroscience-based meditation practices, and guided processes, you will learn to release destructive, unconscious patterns that impede every aspect of life. This workshop offers an opportunity to transcend stressful states of mind, awaken you to the universal intelligence, and empower you to live a beautiful life.

Our lives reflect our inner state; to change our lives, we must first transform our inner being. In every instance, the choice is ours: live in stress or in a beautiful state. This workshop is designed to awaken harmony in every aspect of our lives. Through this journey, we will discover the power of our consciousness and how it can reshape our own life and the world around us.

Embark on this transformative journey to discover your true self, learn the art of living in a beautiful state, and unlock the door to a life of joy, harmony, and synchronicity.

Your Pathway to Transformation

Harness your Superpower:

Harmony with Self:
Dissolve Stress

Harmony with Other:
Authentic Relationships

Harmony at Work:

Tap into Higher Consciousness:
Create Synchronicities

Learn Meditative Practices:
Return to Calm Everyday


The Power of the Beautiful State is taught by dedicated senior Oneness Trainers who reflect the essence of Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji’s profound teachings. They have gone through intensive 120-hour training and personal transformations that testify to the power of the beautiful state. Their diversity of experience and depth of understanding create a nurturing environment that supports you every step of your journey towards personal growth, realization, and a beautiful life.

transformational Testimonials

The Power of the Beautiful State course has touched the lives of many, bringing about profound changes that resonate across various aspects of their lives. Here are a few powerful shares from past participants, each from different walks of life.

“Before attending the workshop, I was constantly overwhelmed by the pressures of running my startup. The Beautiful State taught me how to find peace amidst chaos. I now approach challenges with calmness and clarity, leading my team with more compassion and less stress. This shift has not just improved my business but my quality of life.”

Michael, Entrepreneur

“Teaching in a high-stress environment left me drained and disconnected. The workshop opened my eyes to the power of presence and harmony within myself. I’ve rediscovered the joy of teaching and have formed deeper connections with my students. It’s as if I’ve found the secret to being more effective and fulfilled in my role.”

Samantha, Teacher

“Transitioning to civilian life was tougher than I anticipated. The Beautiful State workshop helped me navigate my emotions and heal old wounds. I’ve learned to embrace my experiences with gratitude, transforming my relationships with my family and myself. It’s a rebirth I never knew was possible.”

James, Retired Military Officer

“Dealing with life-and-death situations daily took a toll on my mental health. This workshop taught me how to maintain my inner peace, even in the face of adversity. I’ve become a better caregiver, more present and empathetic. The change in me has also positively impacted my colleagues and patients.”

Emma, Healthcare Professional

“The tech world’s fast pace left me anxious and disconnected from my true self. The Beautiful State helped me to slow down, appreciate the moment, and connect deeply with my inner self. My creativity and productivity have soared, and my relationships have deepened. It’s a transformation I never saw coming but am deeply grateful for.”

Carlos, Software Developer

“I have taken many different courses for awakening and awareness. This the first one that was truly heart-centered, and intellectually based.”

Lynn, Artist

“POWER of THE BEAUTIFUL STATE is not just another course in ‘pursuing your bliss’ or ‘positive thinking’, however this course reveals the very simple wisdom by which both bliss and positivity may be experienced as a state of being.

Scott, IT professional

“This course gave me a deeper understanding of how living in a beautiful state IS the conscious path to awakening and the freedom to living a full life.”

Jennifer, Writer

“SIMPLE. POWERFUL. A great internal system upgrade. “

Maggie, Acupuncturist